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5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO With Social Media


Do you want to rank higher in search engines?

Interested in ways to use your social accounts to improve your SEO?

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How to Gain Trust Relationships Publicly Through Social Media

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Social Media marketing for a business, like all marketing, is all about building relationships.  If you are going to ask somebody to spend money with you, you need to gain their trust.

We all share the same challenges when it comes to being a flesh-and-blood human being operating in a virtual Internet universe. On the Internet, where anything we see can be a digital mirage or impersonation, we actually look for more than one way to verify our new business relationships. It starts with putting a human face or two on your business. Take a look at your "About" page or your blog.  Are there photos of you, your associates and contributors there? Human faces are good trust-builders. Facebook fueled a pretty-good sized industry out of this concept. 

All your online assets need to be aligned, too. Does your website look similar to your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other profiles or pages? If your online assets line up, you have built more trust. If they don't, start here; you cannot gain trust online if your brand is inconsistent.

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Why Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to "Internet Presence"

b2ap3_thumbnail_AlGore.jpgYou are a small local business.  Your customers are either local or they fluidly come and go as the seasons change. Your customers actually walk through the front door.  You don't sell ANYTHING online.  Why the heck should you pay attention to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or even have a website?  

Weber Shandwick, a leading global public relations agency ( recently released a new report called "The Company Behind The Brand: In Reputation We Trust" that breaks down exactly why business owners should be concerned with the online footprint they’re leaving (or not leaving) behind. Any disconnect between business and brand reputation triggers a sharp consumer reaction. That means even if your product or service is excellent…if the image of your brand is less than stellar, it will hurt.

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