gGoogle Is Emperor  
Google is the leader in the world of search, and they must be attended to in every web campaign. Google not only drives visitors to your brand through search, but Google can inform all of your marketing, including print, radio and TV. AdWords may be the least expensive form of targeted brand advertising ever. Use it to test everything.

lQuality Content Is King
Relevant content, consistently delivered to your marketplace, will get Google's favorable attention and increase your authority. If you can't write, leverage quality writers in your industry. Synchronize your content in campaigns across mulitple media channels, including appropriate Social Media, to amplify the content.

qQuality Backlinks Are Queen  
There are general, industry-specific and local directories of business links on the Internet. Some of them already have your business's profile listed. Google partially ranks your site based on the authoratative quality and consistency of these directory links, and visitors may find you first on these non-search sites. Take ownership of your backlinks.

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