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The State of Links: Yesterday's Ranking Factor?

Posted by Tom.Capper

Back in September last year, I was lucky enough to see Rand speak at MozCon. His talk was about link building and the main types of strategy that he saw as still being relevant and effective today. During his introduction, he said something that really got me thinking, about how the whole purpose of links and PageRank had been to approximate traffic.


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Half of Page-1 Google Results Are Now HTTPS

Posted by Dr-Pete

Just over 9 months ago, I wrote that 30% of page-1 Google results in our 10,000-keyword tracking set were secure (HTTPS). As of earlier this week, that number topped 50%:

While there haven't been any big jumps recently – suggesting this change is due to steady adoption of HTTPS and not a major algorithm update – the end result of a year of small changes is dramatic. More and more Google results are secure.

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The Best Types of Content for Local Businesses: Building Geo-Topical Authority


Posted by MiriamEllis

Q: What kind of content should a local business develop?

A: The kind that converts!

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Launching a New Website: Your SEO Checklist - Whiteboard Friday

SEO checklist when launching a new website

Posted by randfish

Hovering your finger over the big red "launch" button for your new website? Hold off for just a second (or 660 of them, rather). There may be SEO considerations you haven't accounted for yet, from a keyword-to-URL content map to sweeping for crawl errors to setting up proper tracking. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers five big boxes you need to check off before finally setting that site live.


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How to Write Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for Perfecting Your Copy


At the end of the day, Instagram is all about the visuals. The quality of your photos will be the differentiating factor when it comes to gaining Instagram followers, getting them interested in your brand and what it's about, and showing off the human side of your business.

But the hard work doesn't end once you've taken that beautiful photo and edited it to perfection. The caption of your post is where you can give a voice to that visual content.

It's where you can explain what the photo is about, tell your followers to take action, or crack a joke that makes your content all the more delightful and shareable.

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Fantastic Copywriting Examples: 13 Companies With Truly Creative Copywriters


You all know the Old Spice guy, right?

The years-old "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign was memorable for many reasons, but one of them was that it gave Old Spice a voice -- voice that came through in every video, commercial, tagline, Facebook update, tweet ... you name it.

And do you know who is behind all of that marketing collateral?

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How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn

maximize linkedin content exposure

Are you taking advantage of all of LinkedIn’s content marketing features?

Do you know what types of content work best on LinkedIn?

With a few tweaks to what you post on LinkedIn, you can build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more revenue.

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Why Marketing ROI is Never a Guarantee

The ROI Hang Up

In a professional landscape of annoying jargon, ROI (Return on Investment for anyone who’s taken shelter under a rock for the past few decades) might be the most overused acronym of all. Everyone from CEOs to Directors to entry level associates understand the need and importance of determining just how much you can expect to “get back” from an expenditure of time, money or resources of any kind.  And by no means is the concern misdirected- any business with a focus on growth or profitability can’t just blindly spend its resources. 

Developing metrics for measuring ROI is not only a productive exercise, but a necessary one.  But this is where the conversation gets a bit hairy, because ROI is rarely guaranteed.  There are no magic crystal balls that give businesses the ability to assess the probability or levels of ROI.  If there was, the business world would be nothing short of predictable, stable, and quite frankly, maybe a little boring!

That said however, ROI is still the buzzword du jour and because investable resources are limited and must be spent wisely, it’s a concept that continues to hold significant importance and priority in consumers’ decision making processes. To illustrate, let me share a personal experience about a flooded basement that has been the bane of my existence over the last two months.

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The Need for Leads: Why Marketing is the Perfect Wingman for Sales


Historically, the two “top guns” of customer engagement have never really seen eye-to-eye thanks to a long time rivalry fueled by their ego and perpetuated by differing metrics. All over the world, sales and marketing teams have inherited various roadblocks that keep them from working well together. Mistrust, miscommunication and different goals continue to pull the teams in separate directions.

And while the two departments have been on a highway to the danger zone since they were created, the past decade has introduced many changes within each position to bring back that loving feeling with respect to promoting your business, getting in front of customers and closing the sale.

The Customer Journey Has Changed Over the Years

Gone are the days of taking leads straight to bed or losing them forever. And you can’t just ask for permission to buzz the tower with a little bit of information and expect to create a long and distinguished list of customers who have everything they need to make a purchasing decision.

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How to Email Really Busy People: 10 Tips for Standing Out in Their Inbox


When you work in marketing, establishing partnerships and building meaningful relationships with influencers comes with the territory.

At CreativeLive, I'm constantly seeking out new business leaders to introduce to our audience. For me, this translates into a high volume of cold emails to people who are extremely busy.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve perfected my email approach and have had the privilege of opening up doors with people like Rand Fishkin, Tim Ferriss, Brian Dean, and more.

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